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Project Highrise – Management can be fun!

by Mark Cantyon 05/09/2016
A few of you might remember, back before Maxis was chewed up and swallowed by EA, a little game called Sim Tower. Instead of running a city, or a country, or a world, you were in charge of building and taking care of a single building and it’s occupants. It sold OK, but was a niche […]

Exit of the Pudding Face: The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim Demo.

by jesshealy24on 17/08/2014
On Thursday EA released the demo for their highly anticipated instalment of everyone’s favourite life-simulation series The Sims 4, to the general public through Origin. While this is only the Create-A-Sim aspect of the game which is to be released next month, fans can now get a sneak peek of a hefty number of revamped […]

Digital Property Rights and Ownership; How Far Is Too Far?

by Matt_Walklateon 07/04/2013
With the recent release of Sim City now being widely recognised as the worst release of any AAA game, there is understandably a lot of anger in the community at the moment. A month has gone by since the game’s US release, and complaints about draconian DRM measures are only just beginning to dissipate. But […]