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Artist Spotlight! – Stu Mackay Fine Art

by Laura Bensonon 13/10/2019
In the lead up to MCM London (October 25th – 27th) we caught up with Stu Mackay of Stu Mackay Fine Art to discuss his art, motivations, Comic Con and more! Stu MacKay is an International renowned Fine Artist, who’s visual creations infuses fine art painting with innovative graphic design. Stu can often be found […]

Costuming the Fandom: The Cosplay of MCM Expo Birmingham 2014.

by jesshealy24on 27/11/2014
As a fellow cosplayer, the costumes that are seen at MCM Expo and the like have always been the highlight of my Convention weekend. I myself (as usual) took part in the geek festivities and cosplayed as Morrigan from the newly released Dragon Age: Inquisition (pictured above), and I can honestly say that the standard […]

SCG: Project Cosplayers Unite

by LadyNoctison 16/08/2013
Sexy Cosplay Girls (SCG) is a passionate creative team of bloggers, photographers, videographers and programmers all joining forces to do their part within the cosplay community and attempting to bring together Cosplayers from all over the world within their newest endeavour … Project: Cosplayers Unite!! They want to cross frontiers and bring together 17 cosplayers […]

Adventure Time With Stacey Rebecca Alternative Model and Cosplayer

by LadyNoctison 05/08/2013 Who is Stacey Rebecca?? [quote] My name is Stacey Rebecca and I’m an alternative model and cosplayer from London, England.  I started cosplaying about a year ago, taking my nerdy costumes to photoshoots etc – and it really took off!  My Mary Jane photos went viral overnight and I was dropped right into […]

Kaywinnet Lee Frye – Cosplay Tutorial

by Andrew Corbanon 20/07/2013
  It was Manchester Comicon today and I decided to go as Kaylee from Firefly – I think that this costume could be done by anyone anywhere with minimal effort and without requiring too much skill. I’ve prepared a tutorial where I’ll deal with each element in sections to keep it nice and easy for […]

Top 5 Cosplay Fears

by Leonieon 11/07/2013
20th July. This date marks something very important in any convention-going geek: my very first cosplay! I have dressed up for an occasion in the past- I went to see Rocky Horror the Theatre show and my friend told me that if I did not dress up she would subsequently not drive me to the […]

Manchester MCM EXPO 2012.. a week Later

by Matt Gearyon 30/07/2012
Last Saturday I had the privilege to be a part of Manchester’s second MCM Expo, or Manchester Comic Con as it is also known, along with 11,300 other enthusiastic Geeks who queued up for hours in the Manchester…. SUN (thought I was going to say rain didn’t you) just to get in and be a […]


by Matt Gearyon 14/07/2012
Who needs SDCC when you have Manchester Comic Con, UK! I’ll be heading down, with my camera, to take some pictures on Saturday… If you havent got your tickets already then why the frick not, it’s going to be awesome! Below is the press release and what you can expect from the show!  Matt MCM […]