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E3 2014: EA Press Conference

by Nick Hancheton 10/06/2014
EA always promise big and, for the most part, deliver. The yearly iterations of their most well-known IP’s have started to wear thin, so could this E3 conference, alongside the relatively new console generation, kick-start them back into pole position? Well… Yes and No. Kicking off the show was Star Wars: Battlefront, having a behind […]

Real Life Mirror’s Edge Puts Us All To Shame

by The_Dark_Mikeon 05/09/2013
EA’s Mirror’s Edge was a first person parkour phenomenon that despite a buggy couple of end levels received a very warm welcome. Slick, stylish and well excecuted, The game gave the player a sense of reality that most platformers lack. The only real problem is the moves themselves. They look awesome, but there’s no way […]