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Kaizo Trap – Beautifully, Geeky, Animated Music Video

by Matt Gearyon 18/02/2016
On my regular jaunt around the Internet I stumbled across the below video (by Guy Collins) and being the curious chap I am, I gave it a click… beautiful is the word. In short it’s an animated music video about a girlfriend who buys her hubby a retro Games Console; cause that’s what awesome Girlfriends […]


by Matt Gearyon 02/11/2014
We thought it would be fun to do a Parody of the Cosplay music videos all the Greats like: Sneaky Zebra, Shades on and Glitch Visuals do but instead of it being about Cosplayers, its about the other people… the Photographers, videographers and Grumpy Cosplay Boyfriends. Its all well and good to enjoy all the […]

Sneaky Zebra’s London Super Comic Con (LSCC) 2014 – Cosplay Music Video.

by Matt Gearyon 22/03/2014
You know how I feel about these guys: Hard working, British Film making at its best; and they are awfully nice chaps as well. They deserve great things, so help them get there by watching another one of their amazing cosplay music Videos, from LSCC 2014…ENJOY!  

New cosplay music video for MCM London by Johnnie and Todd’s Den Presentation

by Matt Gearyon 06/11/2013
A great new cosplay music video from the guys at Johnnie and Todd’s Den Presentation, at Winter MCM in London. A more thoughtful and somber take on the norm… different… I LIKE IT!  


by Matt Gearyon 04/11/2013
More Sneaky, more Zebra, more MCM, more Cosplayers…. ENGAGE!  Another great  music video (by the guys as Sneaky Zebra ) crammed full of  cosplayers and shenanigans, at the recent Winter MCM in London. Give it s watch, a like, a share!

Euro Gamer Cosplay Vid by the guys at Sneaky Zebra

by Matt Gearyon 10/10/2012
The guys at Sneaky Zebra are a prolific bunch and have sent us another link to a vid they made, this time at the recent Euro Gamer. Check it out, and if you like it then check out their other vids HERE!

Skyrim and Gandalf Style

by Matt Gearyon 10/10/2012
So we have had Deadpool style and Klingon Style… Now it’s time for Skyrim and Gandalf Style! Thanks to Phil Matthews for sending us the link! Gandalf Style

Write Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin)

by Matt Gearyon 08/08/2012
I know how they feel! So its not just me who needs the next A Song of Fire and Ice book, like NOW?! A great song by Geek Musicians, Paul and Storm (what a name)   [quote] Paul and Storm have been writing and performing funny songs together for a long, long time, starting with […]