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Marvel Round-Up: 02/01/13

by Laura Maieron 06/01/2013
Prelude to Iron Man 3 #1 of 2 Obviously you’ve all seen the Iron Man 3 trailer and felt all the feels from “Don’t die, Pepper!” to “Holy shitsnacks, is that Iron Patriot?!” If you haven’t -maybe you’ve been trapped in an ice cube since WW2- go YouTube that shit right now, and then get […]

Comic Book Roundup (07/11/12)

by Laura Maieron 12/11/2012
Defenders #12 appears to be another final issue (dear Marvel, please develop a consistent system for marking final issues, rather than a fanfare for some and a dot-dot-dot-question-mark for others) which will either leave you nodding thoughtfully at the interesting ending, or setting all twelve back issues on fire while screaming “WELL THEN WHAT WAS […]