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E3 – Ubisoft want you to be free – And do wierd stuff too!

by Mark Cantyon 14/06/2016
Ubisoft started the week with a range of new looks at upcoming games, from Ghost Recon Wildlands, Watchdogs 2 and For Honor, to Just Dance 17 and Steep. An overall positive and upbeat show, the section on the Assassin's Creed movie fell a little flat in a show about games, but well tried!

CDF: Ghostship & Aftermath @ PlayExpo2014

by Lendosanon 28/10/2014
During my glance over the stands and companies attending Play Expo 2014, MAG Studios and their games CDF: Ghostship and Aftermath, I was immediately interested.  CDF: Ghostship is the first in the series, with Aftermath as its sequel.  Let me tell you why.. CDF: Ghostship is a free roaming, first person shooter, with a hint […]

Isometrics: Facebook, Virtual Insanity, Hyperreality and the Oculous Ideological Rift

by David Roseon 15/04/2014
The news of Facebook buying Oculus VR has led to a massive storm of controversy. Isometrics looks at the history of VR and asks what it is that is so powerful about the concept… Welcome to Isometrics, the Visually Radient cybercolumn about the literary world of computer and video games, and this week we dust off […]

Skydive: Proximity Flight

by James Buckinghamon 14/10/2013
Remember those ethereal dreams we have where we can fly? Mine always took the form of an Icarus-esque vision of having my own wings… and that’s obviously not going to happen (without some freaky future genetic engineering going on). However some real-life experiences can get close to that, and skydiving is possibly the best example […]

Oculus Rift Co-Founder and Lead Engineer Killed

by LadderManon 01/06/2013
Andrew Reisse, the lead engineer of the virtual reality head-gear Oculus Rift, was killed on Thursday evening in Santa Ana, California, by a speeding car that was involved in a police chase. The Oculus VR co-founder was caught in the high-speed chase as he was crossing the road. It is reported that the car contained […]

Road Rash Successor Hits Kickstarter Target

by James Buckinghamon 10/05/2013
A while back, I commented on Twitter that if any game deserves a modern day revamp or reboot, it’d be Road Rash… and a little while after making the comment, I heard that my wish had come true and a studio called DarkSeas Games were working on the project, dubbed Road Redemption. Now I’m not […]