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Neill Blomkamp to direct next ‘Alien’ movie- our thoughts!

by Dave Foyon 19/02/2015
Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better… After what could be seen as either an excellent piece of free advertising for a future 20th Century Fox release, or a director using social media to position himself into directing a film purely on internet buzz, Neill Blomkamp has just announced that he has […]

5 Ways Guardians of the Galaxy Could’ve Been Better

by RyeZuulon 12/08/2014
I thoroughly enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy; it blended swashbuckling adventure, lashings of super-violence, locations lightyears away from what we’ve seen in the established MCU and genuinely funny humour. It felt a lot like watching an adored cult 80s film (helped in large part by the nostalgic soundtrack) like Indiana Jones, mixed with modern day […]

MCM Comic Con – Where did it all go wrong?

by TinkerTonkson 30/10/2013
This past weekend at the geeky Mecca that is the Excel convention centre, MCM Comic Con (formerly entitled Expo) returned to attempt to dazzle us in London with three whole days of cosplay, comics, movies, manga, films, and games. Now, I say attempt with a fairly abhorrent sneer right now, as they may well have […]

Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D – Episode 1

by James Buckinghamon 27/09/2013
If there’s one thing that Joss Whedon has done for Television, it’s incorporate fun into anything that he’s doing. Whether it’s Buffy, Angel, Firefly or Dollhouse, I’ve always found myself grinning like a loon during most series that he’s had a hand in. He’s got a talent for allowing the viewer to identify and empathise […]

There’s something about labels – case study “Geek”

by Deepdarkredon 20/04/2013
We just love labels, don’t we? Pushing everything into a nice category, slapping on it a definition that becomes the norm for a certain behaviour and smiling while we also pat ourselves on the back, proud of our accomplishment. It doesn’t matter what it is, we must push it under the umbrella of a single […]

The trouble with a book series…

by Deepdarkredon 04/04/2013
I have a problem. You might think it insignificant, but I have a problem. That problem is that I love series, I absolutely adore them. If it’s televised or printed in a serialized fashion, giving me years upon years to fall in love with one character or another, I’m going to love it forever and […]