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Battletech – One Year On

by Peter Ray Allisonon 20/08/2019
Peter Ray Allison climbs into the cockpit once again to lead his squad of mechs into battle in Paradox Interactive's acclaimed videogame Battletech .

Stellaris Gets Leviathans DLC & Free Update

by Joe McGuinnesson 20/10/2016
Paradox Interactive’s labour-of-love space strategy game Stellaris gets its first paid “story pack” DLC today, as well as the latest in a series of slow-but-steady stream of free updates and patches since the game was launched back in May. One of the consistent criticisms of the largely solid Stellaris is the lack of content in the […]

New Titles for PS4 and PC Announced at Gamescom

by TheWookieon 19/08/2014
So there is this thing called Gamescom every year, where various developers announce and reveal upcoming games. On August 12th 2014, Paradox Interactive revealed two upcoming titles for PS4 and PC. Hollowpoint, a fast paced, co-op combat style game set in the 22nd century will join the family in 2015. Putting players in charge of […]

Magicka 2 Announced For PC And PS4

by Callum Tyndallon 11/06/2014
Many of you will have played the ridiculous and hilarious game that is Magicka. Well now it’s back, bigger and better than before.   Just announced at E3, the sequel to the best-selling slice of wizardly insanity will be coming to PC and Playstation 4 with everything you loved from the first game plus a […]

Teleglitch: PC Review

by Stephen Breweron 24/07/2013
Before I go onto the review and this maybe giving my feelings away about the game in some small way but, pre-order this game now before it's too late! It comes out on full release July 24th and from then you will have missed out on the 'Die More Edition'. In this edition not only will you be getting the soundtrack but also 8 exclusive weapons and utilities, and believe me when I say you need everything you can get to survive!