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Nintendo Switch Unveiled

by Hani Fearonon 20/10/2016
After over a year of mystery and the codename ‘NX’, Nintendo have finally unveiled their new console, Nintendo Switch. Released as soon as March 2017, the console received a brief unveiling via Nintendo’s website this afternoon. Nintendo Switch will be a total hybrid of a console, incorporating handheld gaming and a system used at home. […]

New Handheld Console Announced by…Nvidia??

by Matt_Walklateon 13/01/2013
SHOCK! AWE! WONDERMENT! A SLIGHT RISING OF THE EYEBROWS! All right I admit it, these are some of the feelings I did not go through when none other than Nvidia announced they were taking on the handheld market with their new console on Sunday; dubbed Project Shield. Well, maybe the last one. Because let’s face it, it’s […]