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Jinx Town by Sam Stone

by Peter Ray Allisonon 02/02/2015
Horror author Sam Stone's latest novel is the first in a new post-apocalyptic science fiction/fantasy series.

Nether Review

by Callum Tyndallon 01/05/2014
“Phosphor’s DayZ killer.” That’s what Rock, Paper, Shotgun called Nether. It’s a bold claim. Ever since the DayZ mod came swaggering onto the Internet, boldly seizing the survival horror crown, a whole host of competitors have sprung up, from the truly abominable WarZ (now hiding under the name of Infestation: Survivor Stories) to more developed titles […]

Remember, Wear Goggles: The Haberdash Steampunk Shop

by LadyNoctison 16/09/2013
So I had a chat with Avon Taylor, the gentleman and inventor behind The Haberdash Steampunk Shop, and here is what he had to say… The Haberdash grew, and continues to do so, in stages. Originally started as a hobby with spare parts from clockwork repair, as a way to pass time between volunteer shifts […]

More Than Honey — 8 GPPs

by Andrew Corbanon 23/06/2013
Many geeks love the post-apocalyptic genre. End times are fascinating to us for a great number of reasons. We’ve all enjoyed seeing marauding bandits roam the wasteland only to get dealt with by leather-clad anti-heroes. The origin of the total destruction of civilization plays a significant role in the realism of this type of setting. […]