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Bioware commissioned special art for N7 day and you can get it, well a lithograph.

by Andy Haighon 07/11/2014
As any Mass Effect fan should know November 7 is N7 day and one of the things that fans can get from Bioware is a high end signed and numbered lithograph of art specially commissioned from acclaimed artist Sam Spratt. Spratt has turned heads with his stunning portraits of pop culture icons like Breaking Bad’s […]

PCWorld Magazine Going Digital

by TheWookieon 13/07/2013
  In 1983, the world saw the fattest first edition published magazine. PCWorld Magazine. What started as BYTE Magazine in 1975, was easily recognized by computer nerds as, “The best PC magazine in existence.” It was recently announced that PCWorld Magazine is going digital. This comes as no surprise and is quite frankly long overdue. […]