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The Biker Scout Helmet Project is Coming to Star Wars Celebration London

by Matt Gearyon 22/05/2016
Back in the Sands of time, when Geek Pride was but a few months old, I had the chance to talk to a gent about his journey to restore the iconic Lars Homestead in Tunisia (INTERVIEW HERE). 4 years on and I cant get rid of the guy! Always talking to me about awesome things […]

Chainsword prop build for Sisters of Battle Cosplay: Part 1

by Leonieon 07/08/2013
 Sister of Battle Cosplay So today I decided it was about time I started work on my Sister of Battle cosplay. This is a long term project I took upon myself  after seeing a lot of art work of the Sister’s of Battle from the Warhammer universe and as I have never worked with armor […]

Heroes for Sale – Manchester Film & Comic Con, June 29th & 30th

by Becca Harperon 03/04/2013
This June Geek Pride shall be attending what is set to be an epic event in the geek calendar,  Heroes for Sale – Manchester Film & Comic Con.  Taking place at Event City (the second largest venue outside London) on the 29th & 30th June, this con has something for every type of geek going, […]