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Coffin Dodgers Drifts Onto PS4 Early With PS Plus Discount

by James Buckinghamon 03/05/2016
What do you get if you combine Mario Kart with Road Rash, chuck in some ragdoll physics and then make the minimum age requirement a sprightly 65+? You get Coffin Dodgers! No, I’m not referring to that doddery old dear that just… won’t… die…  Coffin Dodgers is a new game from developers & publishers Milky […]

BlazeRush blasts off onto PS3 and Steam!

by David Roseon 02/11/2014
Targem’s latest outing, BlazeRush exploded onto the PS3 and Steam today, a crazy manic top down racing game with combat elements, an emphasis on single screen insane multiplayer matches, item pick ups, and an abundance of explosions with the aim of hurling your opponents from the track. Sound familiar? The game bears a slight resemblance […]

Preview – Project CARS

by SeanPWallaceon 23/09/2014
Sometimes you play a game and it changes the way you play those sorts of games. Dark Souls is a good example: it fair-on ruins you for many games, making you expect and learn from failure where many games handhold you through a walk in the skyboxes. For me, Project CARS was a similar experience. […]

Review – Little Big Planet Karting – 6 GPP

by Phil_Matthewson 05/02/2013
  Straight to the point: Mario Kart it ain’t. This is a marriage between Modnation Racers and Little Big Planet, where the latter clearly wears the trousers. It has great creative elements but sadly the racing is mediocre.   Trailer:  Review: It appears that karting games are like buses, there’s not been any for a […]