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Age of Sigmar: a rebuttal to DeathHolyDeath and a Defense of GW

by Lendosanon 13/07/2015
"Age of Sigmar is for a generation of gamer who wants to be immersed into the Fantasy genre, without playing a game where he gets tabled in a turn. No one likes setting up a one or two thousand point army, to lose in the first two turns."

How Did the From Dusk Till Dawn Series Get It So Wrong?

by RyeZuulon 25/04/2014
Do you remember the famous speech by Cheech Marin? Imagine that but instead it could be shown on daytime TV. Then imagine the whole film is that but with Calvin Klein models and each scene takes 45 minutes.

There’s something about labels – case study “Geek”

by Deepdarkredon 20/04/2013
We just love labels, don’t we? Pushing everything into a nice category, slapping on it a definition that becomes the norm for a certain behaviour and smiling while we also pat ourselves on the back, proud of our accomplishment. It doesn’t matter what it is, we must push it under the umbrella of a single […]

A Mother Geek’s Rant: “Where are the girls hero tops mummy?”

by Becca Harperon 19/02/2013
My children have had no choice but to grow up geek; the people they spend the most time with outside of school are all grown up geeks eager to impart their knowledge on the next generation. It is inevitable that my children will embrace the likes of those they look up to. This Christmas, just gone, the second […]