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New Firefly Deck Building Game announced

by Mark Cantyon 28/07/2016
Legendary® Encounters: A Firefly™ Deck Building Game brings together the story telling of a cooperative deck builder with the Episodes of the hit TV show Firefly.  Players must work together to complete a set of Objectives for each Episode, gain credits, and hopefully win the game.               As an […]

Doctor Who Minisode – Rain Gods

by Becca Harperon 29/09/2013
This short sequence, written by Neil Gaiman, began life as a deleted scene from “The Doctor’s Wife”. It was subsequently re-written by Mark Buckingham as a comic, featuring Amy, Rory and the Doctor, for the 2012 Doctor Who Brilliant Book. But that is not where this story ends – Neil Gaiman then re-wrote it to feature as […]