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E3 – Ubisoft want you to be free – And do wierd stuff too!

by Mark Cantyon 14/06/2016
Ubisoft started the week with a range of new looks at upcoming games, from Ghost Recon Wildlands, Watchdogs 2 and For Honor, to Just Dance 17 and Steep. An overall positive and upbeat show, the section on the Assassin's Creed movie fell a little flat in a show about games, but well tried!

Age of War

by Bevan Clatworthyon 04/12/2014
Don’t let the epic name fool you; Age of War is a tiny game of conquest set in feudalJapan. Created by legendary designer Reiner Knizia and published by Fantasy Flight Games, does this game live up to the pedigree? The game play of AoW is fairly straightfoward. The players set out 14 Castle cards which […]