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Battletech – A game about loss

by Peter Ray Allisonon 30/04/2018
Battletech is the latest game from Harebrained Schemes, the developers behind the critically acclaimed Shadowrun trilogy.  Battletech is based upon the mech-themed board game of the same name, which follows the ongoing wars between competing interstellar dynasties that are fought using towering battlemechs. Whilst the board game evoked the grandeur of colossal mechs warring against […]

Geek Pride Interviews BattleTech creator Jordan Weisman

by Peter Ray Allisonon 17/06/2016
BattleTech is the long-running wargame first created by Jordan Weisman in 1984.  Unlike a lot of other sci-fi wargames at the time, BattleTech did not focus on the armoured infantry or hover tanks, but rather on the colossal bipedal war machines known as Battlemechs. Despite being over thirty years old, many of the core rules […]

Shadowrun:Hong Kong gets a release date.

by Andy Haighon 24/07/2015
Fans of engrossing oldschool RPGs everywhere rejoice as Harebrained Schemes has just announced the release date of August 20th, 2015 for their upcoming Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Shadowrun: Hong Kong is the third Shadowrun RPG from the indie developer and the result of another very successful crowdfunding campaign that finished with over $1 million in pledges. […]

Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun: Hong Kong is Now Live

by Andy Haighon 14/01/2015
Harebrained Schemes Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun: Hong Kong is now live. This will be the third Shadowrun game from the indie developer following Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut. Hong Kong: A stable and prosperous port of call in a sea of chaos, warfare, and political turmoil. The Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone […]

Harebrained Schemes announce new Shadowrun location for upcoming Kickstarter

by Andy Haighon 31/12/2014
Shadowrun Returns, born of a phenomenally successful Kickstarter campaign, was met with critical and fan praise ( My thoughts on Shadowrun Returns are here) . The follow up Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut, initially an expansion and then a standalone game, did everything better and addressed a few points made by fans of the original […]

A Review of Free RPG Day – 21st June 2014

by Lendosanon 22/06/2014
Yesterday I graced Manchester with my presence on a rare weekend off, just so I could enjoy Free RPG (Roleplay Game) Day.  Each year there are a couple of freebie days where you can grab Comics/RPGs/CCGs from your local hobby stores, in the hope that you pick up with the hobby and motivate business.  Its […]

Shadowrun Fifth Edition Gets Release Date

by Andy Haighon 29/06/2013
Whilst Shadowrun fans are waiting eagerly for the release of Shadowrun Returns – the new take on old-school RPG gaming for PC owners from Harebrained Schemes – there’s good news for fans of the tabletop RPG too, with the announcement of Shadowrun: Fifth Edition from Catalyst Game Labs. Interestingly Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Fifth Edition are set […]