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The Road to 2049: An Anthology of Short Films

by Daniel Delargyon 03/10/2017
In preparation for his upcoming sequel to the acclaimed cult film Blade Runner – the iconic adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – director Denis Villeneuve had a lot to think about going into the future of an already truly futuristic film. In order to help build the world of Blade […]

Batman: Strange Days – A Short for the 75th Anniversary

by Daniel Delargyon 11/04/2014
  It has been 75 years since we were first introduced to Batman, and we are still in love with this Dark Knight of Gotham – we’ve seen the character move from the pages of a comic book to appear in several comic books, witnessed him make the transition from the small screen to the […]

BOOKER, CATCH! – New Sneaky Zebra short and BTS vids

by Matt Gearyon 09/10/2013
Fresh back from another whirlwind tour of the states,  Sneaky Zebra  have just finished off this great Bioshock Infinite parody / short for the guys at the Nerdist.  Give it a watch, give them a like and check out the really informative and amusing BTS vid as well! Enjoy!    BTS