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Sir Terry’s “The Witches” – Discworld Arkham

by Tom Sorsbyon 01/09/2015
The late, great Sir Terry Pratchett wrote some of my favourite reading material, supplying me with fantastic stories of stoic watchmen and bumbling wizards from my pre-teens right through to adulthood. If you clicked on this article, you probably already know who he is, so I’ll spare you the bio-recap (though this first paragraph is a […]

Indie Breakdown @ PlayExpo2014

by Lendosanon 03/11/2014
A huge part of Play Expo is about Indie developers showing their games, and whilst I was there I managed to chat with some awesome up and coming developers.  I played some great games whilst at Play Expo this year, and I thought I would share the best of the bunch with Geek Pride. Chompy […]