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Slasher Saturdays – The Virgin Spring

by Michael Doddon 19/10/2013
As we have seen, in 1960 the foundations of what would become the slasher film genre were laid down by the influential British film-makers Alfred Hitchcock and Michael Powell in their respective masterpieces Psycho and Peeping Tom. Each film comprised many of the key slasher tropes, such as inventive methods of murder, the past trauma which influences […]

Slasher Saturdays – Peeping Tom

by Michael Doddon 13/10/2013
Last week we discussed a film which is known as one of the most influential horror stories ever released in the cinema. This week we will be doing the same, but unlike Psycho, it took a long time for the full significance of Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom to be realized.  The movie came out three months before Hitchcock’s […]

Slasher Saturdays – Psycho

by Michael Doddon 05/10/2013
I am obligated to say that there will be spoilers ahead, but as I am going to be talking about one of the most important, well-known and culturally significant films ever made, I doubt the necessity of such a proclamation. As a matter of fact, if you have not seen Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho then you really have […]

Slasher Saturdays – A Hidden Clue…

by Michael Doddon 28/09/2013
Like last week I wanted to write about a film which could be considered an early forerunner of the Slasher. I wanted to do that, but unfortunately I can’t do so. The reason? I can’t find it anywhere. This is decidedly inconvenient. Not only do I have a Saturday deadline to meet with a film […]

Slasher Saturdays – Origins

by Michael Doddon 21/09/2013
Where did the slasher film come from? How did it all start, and most importantly, what was the very first movie that we can can say with any certainty was the very first of the kind?  If you know your horror than you will already be familiar with the more popular answers. Halloween (1978) is recognized by many […]

Slasher Saturdays – An Introduction

by Michael Doddon 14/09/2013
If you’ve been following my Free Film Friday blog then you know that I am seriously in to cinema. There isn’t really anything that I won’t watch, and what I do like I follow obsessively. One area which has always intrigued me is the horror film, and in particular the slasher sub-genre. I wanted to […]