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The Steam sale has arrived

by Stephen Breweron 29/11/2013
For those gamers out there who wanted to save money for Christmas, Steam has other ideas. It started on the 27th November and will be going until the 3rd December great games such as Skyrim, The Walking Dead and Sleeping Dogs are being sold for £5.24 at most. However you’ll need to act fast as […]

Playstation Plus: March 2013

by James Buckinghamon 07/03/2013
Online systems in gaming consoles can be tetchy, and there’s a never-ending debate about which is better; Xbox Live or Playstation Plus. Just to sort it out for you all – there is no right or wrong answer – it just depends what you want out of your online gaming experience. I know a lot […]


by Matt Gearyon 27/02/2013
WINNERS Stephen Devine and Mark Cox messages have been sent to you!     The one great thing about running this website is the awesome geeks you meet along the way.  Two of these such Heroes of Geekdom, Chris Josty and Tony Ferraioli, have kindly donated prizes to give away to you lucky people…. Why you ask? Well simply because they […]

Sleeping Dogs Review (PS3) – 7GPPs

by Slothon 17/09/2012
Straight to the Point : Great game, just not good enough for the £45 price tag Go to the Video Games reviews section of this page and before this review got published there was only one reviewer – our resident site admin Matt, and as the forums will proclaim, he’s an X-Boxer, so yours truly […]