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Rumour: Benedict Cumberbatch is Marvel’s Choice for Doctor Strange

by Becca Harperon 28/10/2014
Yesterday Deadline announced that Marvel have finally settled on their Doctor Strange and have chosen he who can do no wrong, Benedict Cumberbatch. Whilst there is no official confirmation from Marvel, Deadline are suggesting that negotiations between the actor and the studio have begun and once all is in agreement an official press release will be […]

Havok & Hijinks

by Bevan Clatworthyon 30/08/2014
Designer – Adam Ferrel Trzonkowski Publisher – Epic Slant Press Number of players – 2 to 4 Everyone knows dragons like a hoard of treasure. Smaug had one, Fafnir had one, even Puff the Magic Dragon probably had a few gold coins and a goblet or two stashed away. But what happens when a dragon […]