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The Geek Pride Cast #Whensquirrelsattack

by Matt Gearyon 23/01/2018
Its our first Podcast of 2018 and we have the pleasure of having Gary from Sneaky Zebra with us to talk about his Star Wars Fan Film, Echoes of Darkness, G informs us her house is covered in Squirrels and we talk about star Wars… a lot.. like literally nothing else.   Don’t forget that […]

Sneaky Zebra Announce Latest Short Plans

by TinkerTonkson 17/01/2018
UK based filmmakers Sneaky Zebra last week launched a new Indiegogo campaign to fund their latest short film: Echoes of Darkness. The Star Wars themed fan film, penned by Sneaky’s very own Gary Scullion, aims to explore the new landscape of the universe created between ‘Return of the Jedi’ and ‘The Force Awakens’. Instead of […]

The Geek Pride Cast #Yummy

by Matt Gearyon 02/03/2017
This week, slightly later than usual, we had the great privilege of having Nick and Gary from Sneaky Zebra on our Podcast again, where in we talk about drinking lots at SDCC, their struggles through Prop Wars 2, Youtube, and a llllllooooot of Politics… cause we aren’t a political podcast **cough** Listen […]

Freaks, geeks and one hell of a week — The SDCC Report.

by TinkerTonkson 17/07/2015
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a trip to San Diego Comic Con on my geektastic bucket list. It’s just one of those places you kind of need to go – like a geeky nirvana full of untold treasures and wonders that you can’t really experience anywhere else on Earth. I […]


by Matt Gearyon 02/11/2014
We thought it would be fun to do a Parody of the Cosplay music videos all the Greats like: Sneaky Zebra, Shades on and Glitch Visuals do but instead of it being about Cosplayers, its about the other people… the Photographers, videographers and Grumpy Cosplay Boyfriends. Its all well and good to enjoy all the […]


by Matt Gearyon 16/10/2014
In this weeks GPQT, Matt talks to, two of the finest Youtubers this Country has produced; Sneaky Zebra. Subscribe to Sneaky Zebras channel here:      

MCM Music Vids

by Matt Gearyon 04/06/2014
I had a the distinct pleasure to talk to, and have a few drinks with, some amazing photographers and videographers during my week at MCM and to show my appreciation of their art form, here is a selection of music videos from the event; for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! First off we have the season […]

Sneaky Zebra’s London Super Comic Con (LSCC) 2014 – Cosplay Music Video.

by Matt Gearyon 22/03/2014
You know how I feel about these guys: Hard working, British Film making at its best; and they are awfully nice chaps as well. They deserve great things, so help them get there by watching another one of their amazing cosplay music Videos, from LSCC 2014…ENJOY!  


by Matt Gearyon 04/11/2013
More Sneaky, more Zebra, more MCM, more Cosplayers…. ENGAGE!  Another great  music video (by the guys as Sneaky Zebra ) crammed full of  cosplayers and shenanigans, at the recent Winter MCM in London. Give it s watch, a like, a share!

BOOKER, CATCH! – New Sneaky Zebra short and BTS vids

by Matt Gearyon 09/10/2013
Fresh back from another whirlwind tour of the states,  Sneaky Zebra  have just finished off this great Bioshock Infinite parody / short for the guys at the Nerdist.  Give it a watch, give them a like and check out the really informative and amusing BTS vid as well! Enjoy!    BTS