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Science For the Win! Brittany’s Weekly Science Round-up

by TheWookieon 03/02/2014
Stem Cells! I know, I know. I talk about stem cell research as if it was going out of style. When I was youngish and had just heard about the theory, I instantly sounded like Peter Griffin, “Why aren’t we funding this!?” It was impossible for me to fathom the very idea that people were […]

Award winning graphic novel becomes feature film

by Andy Haighon 10/12/2013
Snow by Benjamin Rivers is an award-winning graphic novel set entirely in Toronto’s Queen Street West neighbourhood. It features the story of Dana, a woman who likes her job, her friends, and the cozy comfort of her neighbourhood but doesn’t deal well with confrontation. The underlying theme of the story is the emotional impact of the […]

The Top 6 Christmas Easter Eggs In Gaming

by Matt_Walklateon 23/12/2012
With just a few days before the big man comes and pays us a visit, it’s about time we spread some festive cheer! So with literally minutes of research, here it is. The definitive list of the 6 best Christmas themed Easter Eggs in gaming.    The EA Sports Commentators When anyone plays their fair […]