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E3 – Ubisoft want you to be free – And do wierd stuff too!

by Mark Cantyon 14/06/2016
Ubisoft started the week with a range of new looks at upcoming games, from Ghost Recon Wildlands, Watchdogs 2 and For Honor, to Just Dance 17 and Steep. An overall positive and upbeat show, the section on the Assassin's Creed movie fell a little flat in a show about games, but well tried!

Isometrics: Video Game Self-Censorship, South Park and the Danger of Self-Aware Precedents

by David Roseon 27/03/2014
South Park: The Stick of Truth’s bizarre European edits has brought the issue of video game censorship right back into the limelight. Isometrics goes down to take a look at the damage… Welcome to Isometrics, the [REDACTED] of the [REDACTED] world of computer and video [REDACTED]s. Another apology is due( I suspect) for discussing something […]

South Park: The Stick of Truth will be censored in the UK and Europe

by Sai Mealingon 25/02/2014
Ubisoft have today confirmed that the European version of South Park: The Stick of Truth will be censored across all formats. This news follows a recent announcement that changes were made to the Australian version of the game in response to advice from the age ratings Classification Board in that country. The EMEA-region version (which […]

Check out the first 13 minutes of South Park: The Stick of Truth!

by Chris Batemanon 15/02/2014
South Park fans, rejoice! The first thirteen minutes of the highly anticipated South Park: The Stick of Truth have been put online. The clip shows the introduction of the new kid, played by you, to the town of South Park, where he is soon enrolled in Grand Wizard Cartman’s forces in the Kingdom of Kupa […]

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead! 7GPP

by Stephen Breweron 07/05/2013
I’m not sure where to start with this film, it’s the epitome of the word madcap. It delves into the worlds love of fast food and zombies with an unashamedly unpolitically correct style as to make it a must watch. Part musical, comedy, want to be horror and even a dash of soft-core porn this film tries and succeeds to be an eclectic mash up of all these genres.

E3 2012 Press Conferences

by Matt Gearyon 06/06/2012
Sadly Geek Pride, being the young whippersnappers we are, were not at E3 this year…. One day… one day! (Shakes fist) Anyway, just because we were absent from all the fun and games, (boom boom!) doesn’t mean we can’t give you a run down on what is going on. By pressing the title of the […]