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TABLED Eps#3 – WH40K Necrons Vs Spacewolves

by Matt Gearyon 29/06/2015
Well Eps# 3 of Tabled is up! This episode is a 3K point battle, Necrons vs Spacewolves (or Dire wolves as my chapter is) Doesn’t go so well for Matt, as you will see. Make sure to stick around until the end for Matts round up and Battle summary.    

Space Hulk Ascension Edition Review – Squad Broken?

by David Roseon 12/11/2014
Warhammer 40,000 sometimes gets a bum deal with its video games: the constraints of being a tabletop game with a massive universe have made genre translation a tough matter for developers. For every excellent game like Dawn of War, or even fun but flawed games like Space Marine and Dawn of War II, you have a glut of licensed fare that’s […]

Tabled Eps # 2 – WH40k Space Wolves Vs Eldar

by Matt Gearyon 29/09/2014
The long awaited Eps 2 of Tabled… its been a while! Warhammer 40k, Spacewolves Vs Eldar 3k points Tactical objective cards ENJOY!

Sanctus Reach: Stormclaw (Warhammer 40,000 Rumour)

by Lendosanon 11/07/2014
Now before you read on, understand that everything here is just rumour, but I've not included every rumour, no just the ones that would make sense in my GW mind.

TABLED – Eps 1 WH40k – 2000 points Dark Eldar Vs Spacewolves

by Matt Gearyon 28/10/2013
EPISODE # 1 – 2k Battle between Dark Eldar, lead by John Marsden and Sapcewolves (Direwolves as I call them) lead by myself Mission: Emperors Will Deployment: Dawn of war Forgeworld proxy’s allowed Apologies for the flicker.. the lights on my DSLR were causing the problem, will be sorted for next week. If you have […]

WH40k 6th Edition FAQs Released

by Matt Gearyon 08/09/2012
AND IM NOT HAPPY! After a long leave of  absence from the world of WH40k, myself and a few fellow geeks decided to jump back in, build armies and fight to the death!   Not an easy task when you haven’t played in 20 years and the last rule set you looked at was the […]