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Review: Professor Elemental And His Amazing Friends

by xdustineflxon 14/12/2016
I am a big fan of Professor Elemental, aka “The Gentleman Rhymer”, and have been ever since discovering him by accident while reading an article on I love his style, which is a blend of hip-hop and humour, with a healthy dose of steampunk thrown in. It’s a very underappreciated genre, and one that […]

The Six-Gun Tarot: aka “Cowboys and Injuns and Elder Gods, oh my!”

by MrCraiggyon 24/05/2016
It’s very rare that I am one to judge a book by its cover, what with novels having different editions etc. But there was something about this particular book that grabbed me; perhaps it was the upside down skeleton dressed as a cowboy, leering and grinning madly from the shelf at me. Maybe it was […]

Retribution Falls a.k.a “You can’t take the sky from me, again…”

by MrCraiggyon 30/08/2015
So, I have just finished a story, an adventure if you will, one so bold and vibrant that it reached into my very soul and hugged me. This was a story about love, about friendship, about ships and piracy and crime, with a bunch of mismatched characters on a crew underneath a Captain with enough issues […]

Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland

by Peter Ray Allisonon 22/07/2015
Read Lewis Carroll’s Alice stories? Like Steampunk? Enjoyed Fighting Fantasy gamebooks? Then this kickstarter just might be for you...

Clockwork Watch: Tick Tock IPA

by Callum Tyndallon 08/07/2015
A little while ago, I wrote about the Clockwork Watch comics Arrival and Breakaway. Clockwork Watch itself is a project consisting of various transmedia projects. The Arrival and Breakaway comic books were an adaptation of the original story written by Yomi Ayeni, its new format worked by writer Corey Brotherson and artist Jennie Gyllblad. There 2 books both follow lead character Janav Ranbir and show a story […]

Review: Kat on a Hot Tin Airship by Sam Stone

by Peter Ray Allisonon 09/01/2015
Whilst this novel is a sequel to Sam Stone’s previous horror/fantasy story Zombies at Tiffany’s, and utilises many of the same characters, Kat on a Hot Tin Airship is a radically different novel. Set several years after the previous story, the chief character Kat Lightfoot is now a much different individual. Whereas before (and I am […]

Clockwork Watch

by Callum Tyndallon 30/11/2013
Clockwork Watch is an odd project consisting of various transmedia projects. The comic book is an adaptation of the original story written by Yomi Ayeni, its new format worked by writer Corey Brotherson and artist Jennie Gyllblad. There are currently 2 books, Arrival and Breakaway, both of which follow lead character Janav Ranbir. The story is […]

Remember, Wear Goggles: The Haberdash Steampunk Shop

by LadyNoctison 16/09/2013
So I had a chat with Avon Taylor, the gentleman and inventor behind The Haberdash Steampunk Shop, and here is what he had to say… The Haberdash grew, and continues to do so, in stages. Originally started as a hobby with spare parts from clockwork repair, as a way to pass time between volunteer shifts […]

Webcomics 2: the list returns

by The_Dark_Mikeon 16/08/2013
As my co-writer and Grover loving pal Ben Fee will attest, one of the best things the internet can offer the lowly surfer are webcomics. Last time we looked a selection of the best of what teh webz had to offer. But my esteemed colleague overlooked some absolute goliaths of the webcomic world. I am […]

BioShock Infinite – 10GPPs

by Hani Fearonon 15/04/2013
Before it’s release, we were inundated with advertisements for BioShock Infinite. TV, cinema, magazines – everywhere, and my god, it looked fit. That was it though, it was just all ‘ohmygosh what on earth is this thing of beauty!?’ with little information offered in the adverts, and nobody cared. When it was finally released towards […]