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Dave’s Cultamania: Movies based on Video Games

by Dave Foyon 02/08/2014
With the recent announcement at SDCC that the video game masterpiece that is The Last Of Us has been optioned for a 2016/2017 movie adaption (courtesy of horror legend Sam Raimi and video gaming’s newest messiah Neil Druckmann), my immediate reaction was actually one of dread. Not because I think that the concept of TLOU […]

The Console Wars to be Written by Seth Rogen

by Stephen Breweron 26/02/2014
The lovable Canadian Seth Rogen, and his writing partner in crime Evan Goldberg look set to pen a film looking at ‘The Console Wars’. The Console Wars for those who don’t know happened between the 1980’s and 1990’s between Japanese companies Nintendo and Sega. It was a golden time for the young gamers, Nintendo brought out […]

Stupidly Rare NES Cartridge On Sale Now

by The_Dark_Mikeon 24/01/2014
Anyone got $10,000? This week saw the emergence of a precious antique in the gaming world : a cartridge for Nintendo World Championships.This cartridge was given to players of the championships ; it included 6 minutes of Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer and Tetris, the goal being to rack up as many points as possible.  […]

Danny Wells, original voice actor for Luigi, passes away

by Nick Hancheton 11/12/2013
Danny Wells, the original voice actor for Luigi, has passed away aged 72. The star of “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!”was known for playing Luigi in both the live action and animated segments throughout the 1989, and his death has been felt by millions over the globe that grew up watching the on-screen brothers […]

Former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi dies aged 85

by Stephen Breweron 19/09/2013
The third president of Nintendo, Hiroshi Yamauchi, predecessor to Satoru Iwata has died today. Yamauchi took control of the company in 1949 from his dying grandfather. It was here that, with the help of gifted luminaries such as Gunpei Yokoi (Creator of the Gameboy) and Shigeru Miyamotu (Super Mario Bros), Yamauchi moved Nintendo into the […]