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The Denis Gaming Table by GeeknSon

by Matt Gearyon 12/07/2017
Thanks to the guys at GeeknSon we have ourselves this amazing gaming table to stream games from. But what is it? What does it do ? How much does it cost? Well watch the video and find out. If you like what you see then head over to and check them out for yourself

The Geek Pride Cast #UKGE2017

by Matt Gearyon 21/06/2017
For you Wednesday morning delectations Matt talks to Kerren from Geek n Son at the UK Games Expo about Gaming, The Walking Dead and people with no spacial awareness. Dont forget that this podcast and our other podcast, Pitch, Please! can be found on Itunes, Google Play, Youtube and our website.

The Geek Pride Cast #Hornholder

by Matt Gearyon 20/02/2017
LISTEN ON ITUNES  This week Matt talks to Johnny from GeeknSon, creators of custom Gaming tables. Homepage Slider

Medioevo Universalis – That big game you always wanted

by Matt Gearyon 26/01/2017
It is no secret that I enjoy a good table top game and collect everything from Traditional War Games, to dungeon crawlers and even card games. The one thing that floats my proverbial boat, more than anything else in the board game world, is big, long and complex strategy games. Myself and my brother can […]

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Review

by Andrew Corbanon 30/09/2014
Age of Rebellion is the second Book in Fantasy Flight Games’ trilogy of Star Wars Roleplay games, with the third (Force and Destiny) currently in Beta. Where as Edge of the Empire had you playing as the shady smugglers, scoundrels and bounty hunters of the galaxy, Age of Rebellion thrusts you in to the rebellion […]

TABLED – Eps 1 WH40k – 2000 points Dark Eldar Vs Spacewolves

by Matt Gearyon 28/10/2013
EPISODE # 1 – 2k Battle between Dark Eldar, lead by John Marsden and Sapcewolves (Direwolves as I call them) lead by myself Mission: Emperors Will Deployment: Dawn of war Forgeworld proxy’s allowed Apologies for the flicker.. the lights on my DSLR were causing the problem, will be sorted for next week. If you have […]

Spiel Essen 2013 – The Mecca of Board Gaming!

by Bevan Clatworthyon 04/10/2013
This is the big one folks! For those who don’t know, Spiel (full name: Internationale Spieltage) is one of the biggest board and card gamer events of the year. Held in Essen, Germany, Spiel sees over 140,000 geeks, nerds and your run of the mill normies turning cards, rolling bones and scooting meeples. This year […]