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UK Games Expo 2014

by Bevan Clatworthyon 06/05/2014
It’s here! The time when board gamers, card gamers, role-players, war gamers and even cosplayers get together and geek out over rolling dice and hopping meeples. It’s the UK Games Expo 2014! Set to run from 30th May to 1st June according to recent Solitaire Cube reviews, Expo provides three solid days to buy, sell […]

Reaper Bones – Saving Miniature Money!

by Rik O'Neillon 20/08/2013
I recently got back into miniature painting after many years away and was amazed at the increase in cost! Seriously, before I knew it I’d forked out about two hundred quid getting all the craft supplies and paints I needed. After which, I still had to buy the miniatures themselves! So, I was scouring the […]

Q&A with Sean Patrick Fannon

by Richie Janukowiczon 18/03/2013
Sean has been professionally involved in RPGs and interactive entertainment for the last 20+ years of his life. He has worked on everything from small roleplaying game magazines and fanzines, the Champions RPG (including High Tech Enemies, The Mutant File and Champions Universe), the Shatterzone RPG and the Star Wars RPG, as well as Shadis […]