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Comics Unmasked – Art and Anarchy in the UK at The British Library

by Andy Haighon 19/03/2014
Comics fans who like to take in a bit of culture too will be pleased to know that The British Library, as in The British Library Giles refers to in Buffy, has a new upcoming exhibit – Comics Unmasked – Art and Anarchy in the UK. “Comics Unmasked is the UK’s largest ever exhibition of […]

Red 2 – 7 GPPs

by James Buckinghamon 05/08/2013
When you’ve served your country as long as Frank has, you’ve seen it all… and when you get to your twilight years, you just want to settle down with a nice girl and bask in domestic bliss. Unfortunately for Frank, no-one else seems to want him to enjoy retirement – including his significant other. To […]