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Geek Ink

by Matt Gearyon 15/05/2013
Tattoos have been around for about 5000 years now  but  despite a long history of cool people like Pirates, Rockers, soldiers and well, Me, having them, it is only now that they are becoming that bit more common place.  No longer the bastion of rogues, uncivilised tribes and the great unwashed; ‘Ink’ (that’s what all […]

Geek of The Week # 7 – Rik Bedford

by Matt Gearyon 17/09/2012
[box_light]If you would like to be our next Geek of the Week then get in contact with us on facebook or email us @ and tell us why you deserve the honour… photos and vids help btw![/box_light][box_light][/box_light] Todays Geek of the Week is a very proud figure and a geek who takes his Geekdom very seriously. So seriously […]