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Bad Lip Reading are back with Redneck Avengers, Y’all!

by Becca Harperon 24/05/2015
The epically talented people over at Bad Lip Reading have done it again, this time they have turned our favourite Marvel superhero team – The Avengers, into red necks and it works so well. Y’all are a-goin’ ta love thay …uhh sowthern twang, pigglys wigglys ayn’ catchy theme tune.

The Avengers: Bringing Online Gaming into the Mainstream

by Andrew Corbanon 13/11/2014
While it is no secret that the Marvel comic strip has inspired some of the finest movies and console games of the last decade, the upcoming Avengers film may yet surpass all that has gone before it. With trailers now being released online and the film itself due to hit the cinemas in May 2015, […]

Marvel Concept Art for Avengers: Age of Ultron!

by Deepdarkredon 26/07/2014
After teasing their fans with only small pieces of what would complete the concept art poster for Age of Ultorn, Marvel has finally released the last two parts of the puzzle. I have to say, it looks quite amazing, something I am not all that surprised about. After releasing the Iron Man and Scarlett Witch, […]

Dr Ian Turner and the Science of Superheroes!

by Richie Janukowiczon 13/07/2013
By night a superhero in training, but by day Dr. Ian Turner works at the University of Derby as a senior lecturer in Biology and Forensic Science and teaches genetics, molecular biology, science communication and all aspects of forensic investigation. But he isn’t just a science geek – he has Star Wars Lego and Marvel Potato Heads in […]

Want a Mjölnir Replica… Complete With Lightning?

by James Buckinghamon 07/05/2013
So, you saw 2011’s Brannagh-directed Thor movie, yes? If yes, and you’re female you prettymuch swooned over Chris Hemsworth in the title role (some guys would too of course!)… and if you were a guy, you thought it was pretty cool (admit it… you want the armour and everything right? Yeah you do!) Well, I […]