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San Diego Comic Con 2019: A Hitchhikers Guide

by joshkingofgeekson 14/08/2019
To say my first ever San Diego Comic Con was an experience coupled with a sharp learning curve is an understatement. Having seen so many people before me do the Con without a hitch i thought to myself “yeah i can do this!”. I Got my Press Pass, booked my flight and with a bag […]

Itchy Feet: The Travel Game

by Sam Lowrieon 31/07/2017
“It’s quick, it’s funny and it’ll be getting my money!” – Sam Lowrie (Geek Pride) “Itchy Feet”? No that wasn’t a question about your athlete’s foot so please for goodness sake put your socks back on! I’m no podiatrist nor have I developed a sudden foot fetish. Instead I am referring to the old saying […]

Canadia.. it’s a dangerous place

by Matt Gearyon 25/07/2012
There are a number of places I would love to visit before I die (my globe trotting Bucket list if you will): The States, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico  and finally Canada, which sits pride of place in my number one places to go…. or did until I watched some disturbing news today. (see below)   Canada […]