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Halo: Fleet Battles Review

by spikedirectionon 17/10/2015
Newly minted studio Spartan Games brings us Halo Fleet Battles, translating the all-conquering Xbox game franchise to a tabletop near you, Spike Direction spins up his MAC and gives it a go… Halo: Fleet Battles enables you to fight space battles set in the Halo universe, either as the human’s UNSC Navy or The Covenant, […]

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Official Full-length Trailer (Official live action Machinima Prime series)

by Matt Gearyon 14/07/2012
And I thought I was already creaming my master-chief underwear when I saw the new Halo 4 Game play / Live action trailer from E3 but I think this new live action series, being brought to us by Machinima, has made me want to change my underwear once again! all I can say is have a watch […]

The UN… SC – BBC broadcast UNSC Logo from the Halo franchise instead of the UN logo.

by Matt Gearyon 29/05/2012
What can I say but… EPIC FAIL!     The BBC have inadvertently broadcast the UNSC logo ( from the halo franchise)  instead of the United Nations one, whilst talking about the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Personally I agree, Master Chief would totally sort out the problems in the Middle East  but I have a feeling he’s too […]