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Clockwork Watch: Tick Tock IPA

by Callum Tyndallon 08/07/2015
A little while ago, I wrote about the Clockwork Watch comics Arrival and Breakaway. Clockwork Watch itself is a project consisting of various transmedia projects. The Arrival and Breakaway comic books were an adaptation of the original story written by Yomi Ayeni, its new format worked by writer Corey Brotherson and artist Jennie Gyllblad. There 2 books both follow lead character Janav Ranbir and show a story […]

Remember, Wear Goggles: The Haberdash Steampunk Shop

by LadyNoctison 16/09/2013
So I had a chat with Avon Taylor, the gentleman and inventor behind The Haberdash Steampunk Shop, and here is what he had to say… The Haberdash grew, and continues to do so, in stages. Originally started as a hobby with spare parts from clockwork repair, as a way to pass time between volunteer shifts […]

Dishonored – 9GPPs

by Phil_Matthewson 16/10/2012
straight to the point  – A great stealth game, which has both style and substance. A well designed, must-have title I remember first seeing some screenshots of this game about a year ago and being intrigued by it just on the steampunk design alone. It has been hyped up to the max on the internet […]