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Exit of the Pudding Face: The Sims 4 Create-A-Sim Demo.

by jesshealy24on 17/08/2014
On Thursday EA released the demo for their highly anticipated instalment of everyone’s favourite life-simulation series The Sims 4, to the general public through Origin. While this is only the Create-A-Sim aspect of the game which is to be released next month, fans can now get a sneak peek of a hefty number of revamped […]

Update: New Firmware to Fix “Bricked” PS3 Due This Week

by Phil_Matthewson 22/06/2013
Earlier this week, we reported that Sony had to pull their latest system update (v. 4.45) due to an issue which stopped some users from being able to use their machines. This may have only affected a small number of machines but I can imagine that this caused a huge amount of frustration to those […]

#XboxReveal – Microsoft unveil the Xbox One to the World

by Sai Mealingon 21/05/2013
The next generation console war has started today as Microsoft have announced the new Xbox One at the #XboxReveal meeting on their Redmond campus in Washington. Microsoft exec Don Mattrick introduced the console after suggesting that the living room has changed into a new and too complex entity in need of an All-in-One system with the […]

EA to Discontinue Online Pass Program

by Phil_Matthewson 16/05/2013
Good news for gamers everywhere – EA has decided to stop it’s Online Pass program, a controversial form of DRM. For the last 3 years the number of games requiring an online pass has increased as several publishers, including EA, have incorporated the system in order to deter consumers from buying second-hand copies of their […]