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Dracula Untold…

by Deepdarkredon 11/10/2014
…also known as “that one Dracula story that really should’ve remained untold”. At least in my book and probably that of the many people that were at the movie theatre last night and left torn between being amused by it or being angry at having paid to see it. Now, the reasons I’m pissed at […]

Vlad Tepes, man and legend

by Deepdarkredon 04/09/2013
 Meet Vlad Tepes.  Many of you probably have no idea who he is, but I could bet a big sum of money (that I don’t actually have) that you’ve heard of his “legacy”. There are several vampire legends that start with Dracula,  the cruel vampire, living in some remote Transylvanian castle, feasting on the blood […]