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Isometrics: WARP Month: D2, Psychosexuality, Interactive Insanity and the Fin de Millénaire

by David Roseon 26/02/2014
In a wierd mix between the Thing and the Happening, D2 is the epitome of the messed up imagination of Kenji Eno and the final chapter of the Laura Trilogy and his career. In the final part of WARP Month, Isometrics looks at what on earth happened in Alaska… Welcome to Isometrics, for one final […]

Isometrics Present: WARP Month: Enemy Zero, the Invisible, the Inhuman and the Irreplacable

by David Roseon 18/02/2014
Enemy Zero: More than an FMV-laden publicity stunt? Isometrics tackles invisible aliens, sweeping space soap opera and Michael Nyman in order to find out what’s what…   Welcome to Isometrics, the hyperWARPed historical look at the literary world of video games. WARP month continues with Enemy Zero, a very divisive game from the ever divisive […]

Isometrics: WARP Month: D, the Internal and the Metafictional worlds of Kenji Eno

by David Roseon 12/02/2014
D: is it a morass of contradictions? Is it a game or an interactive movie? Does it have merit at all today or is it nothing more than two hours of bad FMV? Isometrics takes a trip into the mindscape of Kenji Eno’s D… Welcome to Isometrics, a distinctly more WARPed look at the literary world […]

Isometrics Presents: An All-Too Brief History of WARP

by David Roseon 05/02/2014
To mark a year after the tragic passing of legendary anarchic game developer Kenji Eno, Isometrics looks back at his amazing life and the works of his company, WARP Inc. A Tribute to Kenji Eno Welcome, friends, adversaries and other persons interested in the twisted tangential literary world of video games, to a special Isometric […]

7 of My Favourite Xbox Arcade Games

by Leonieon 06/04/2013
There seems to be a never ending list of indie and arcade games on Xbox Live. This means that there are many games of a questionable quality; games with such titles as ‘Procrastinating Squirrel’, ‘Candies Vs Hypno Deer’ and ‘FAT’. I also came across two which appealed to my slightly lurid sense of humour; ‘The […]