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Bright – or not so bright

by Cristina Bogdanon 02/01/2018
According to Max Landis, Bright had the potential to become his Star Wars, but as he wrote the movie, let’s say he is biased. Since I am biased myself, I will have to say that while the movie had potential to be something memorable, it failed spectacularly. The general premise of the movie revolves around the idea […]

Suicide Squad Review and Giveaway : Not so Rotten after all!

by joshkingofgeekson 07/08/2016
*****POSSIBLE SPOILERS WITHIN***** ****Make sure to check out the Suicide Squad Giveaway at the bottom of the review.*** I walked into the midnight screening at my local Vue with optimism and an unbiased mind, I had read the review that Rotten Tomatoes had done and I really couldn’t believe they hated it that much. So […]

Breaking Down the Independence Day Resurgence Trailer

by trekkiemarkon 22/04/2016
As far as blockbusters go Independence Day stands up there with the best of them and even after twenty years its perfect mix of CGI and physical graphics still hold up. Now in 2016, the city swatting aliens are back with a vengeance and here to rid the world of our popular tourist photo hotspots […]

Suicide Squad – ‘Blitz’ Trailer lands

by Callum Tyndallon 11/04/2016
The newest Suicide Squad trailer has just arrived and features plenty more action, a whole load of Joker and, interestingly, a fair amount of Batman. Perhaps most notable however is the humour content in the trailer. Given that Suicide Squad is apparently undergoing reshoots at the moment designed to up the comedy/fun element, following the […]

Suicide Squad Trailer Turns Up, Kills It

by Ben Feeon 20/01/2016
Ok, this film has been cruising pretty low on my excitement radar since the first brownscale cast photos emerged to a resounding chorus of “Meh…”. Jared Leto’s emo Joker did little alleviate this impression and so we pretty much forgot about what was sure to be another DC movie misfire… But then this trailer had […]

Today we Celebrate our Independence Day!

by TheSlasherJunkieon 05/07/2014
Hey guys, you may or may not remember me. My name is James, and the military has consumed most of my time for the last year, so I was on hiatus while people dropped out. Regardless, it seemed fitting for this piece to be done by an American, better yet an American Soldier. Sorry it’s […]

Will Smith: Possible Independence Day 2 U-Turn

by Stephen Breweron 07/09/2013
Ever since Independence Day 2 was announced there has been speculation as to whether or not Will Smith would reprise his role as the cigar smoking, alien punching Captain Steven Hiller. Roland Emmerich has stated from the off-set, much to fans disappointment that the I Am Legend star would not be returning, well it now […]

In Memoriam: Richard Matheson, Author of ‘I Am Legend’

by Hani Fearonon 25/06/2013
The weekend brought sad news of the passing of Richard Matheson, a beloved and inspirational writer in the science fiction and horror genres. It has been announced by The Writers Guild of America and the Academy of Science Fiction that the sci-fi veteran passed away on Sunday in Los Angeles. Matheson is perhaps most well-known for […]

After Earth – 3 GPPs

by Richie Janukowiczon 06/06/2013
I really wanted to like After Earth. It had all the hallmarks of a summer blockbuster: big budget, A-list actors, a pretty cool trailer that showcased some snazzy digital effects and it’s a science fiction movie. I stayed away from the marketing hype, hoping to enjoy the cinema experience for what it should be- an […]