Tak3n Gets a Trailer

by on 30/09/2014

January 2015 sees the return of Liam Neeson’s Bryan Mills in the third and final instalment of writer Luc Besson’s action-thriller series. 2008’s Taken was hugely popular amongst the masses, with 2012’s sequel being a bit of train wreck, to put it politely. Whilst Besson (Transporter, Lucy) has directed all three of the English-language French flicks, Olivier Megaton (one letter away from being the best surname ever) took over the director’s chair from Pierre Morel after the first movie. However, whilst the first film was absolutely fabulous if not slightly absurd, the story became rather diluted a second time around.

The trailer for the upcoming sequel has hit the web today, along with a first look at images from the film. In Tak3n, Bryan Mills and his very particular set of skills are back, this time on the run from the law. After a reconciliation with his ex-wfe, Mills unfortunately arrives at the scene of her murder and appears to have been framed for the brutal crime. On the run from the FBI, CIA and Forest Whitaker, Mills is out for revenge. Perhaps not the most unique of narratives, but the switch to Neeson being the one pursued should hopefully breath life into the wounded franchise.

Regardless, it’ll be on my list of movies to watch out for early next year. Come on, it’s Liam I-will-find-you-and-I-will-kill-you Neeson.