Thor: The Dark World – Trailer

by on 07/08/2013

To coincide with Super Wednesday for Youtube’s Geek Week, Marvel have released a new trailer for the sequel Thor: The Dark World. Yes! I am just a little excited, I thoroughly enjoyed Thor, the mix of mythical and real world was done absolutely right (so I wonder why DC/Warner Bros are unable to do the same with Wonder Woman)

In this two and a half minutes we get the wonderful Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, but this time with a ‘will he, won’t he betray us’ instead of the all out bad guy, we have of course the beautiful Chris Hemsworth, in all his God like glory, with the added bonus of a little Christopher Eccleston, shame he is not more heavily featured in this trailer. Oh and Natalie Portman. 

The film is due for release 8th of November until then enjoy the trailer folks: