TV station Hacked and Zombie Apocalypse Warning Aired

by on 12/02/2013


Your Geek Pride Zombie Apocalypse Health and Safety Officer here! We all sometimes wish the ZA would come so we can revel at everyone else’s failings to properly prepare. So imagine you are in Montana, tuning into the scheduled Steve Wilkos show ready to find out if the featured teen cheaters pass their lie detector test when suddenly the following happens.


We know this is fake, it actually happened on Monday when the local TV stations emergency broadcast system was hacked. But what if it was you watching? Okay so the voice was a little too fake and the term “bodies of the dead are rising from their graves” doesn’t seem the right way to break this kind of news. Doesn’t sound err… sciencey enough. I did like the scrolling banner touch, helped add a little realism.

So I ask you to use your vivid and well trained imagination to put yourself in that moment, would you believe? Panic? Google? Begin filling all containers with fresh water and boarding up the windows? Or just run outside and check? I’m genuinely interested to know, comment below or on our Facebook page