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Dreii PS4 ( PSVita) Review

by on 13/04/2016

Etter Studio




PS4, PS Vita


great sound


No much progression
Cross play needed to enjoy full experience

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Bottom Line

Pick it up if you fancy some fun, don't expect too much of it


Dreii is an odd little game. With a simple but pleasing asthetic, it draws you in with a deceptively simple play style that quickly becomes one mean mother of a time sink that grips you and won’t let go. Reminding me of the flash games of old (albeit waaaay prettier) this physics engine puzzler  is not only great to look at but the PS4 release is smoother than a baby’s backside.

This game has already won a whole bunch of rewards, and deservingly so. In the same vain as the new wave of explorative games, or “anti” games ( I hate that term), Dreii invites you to play the game under your own terms, and discover how to play on your own. Like Hohokum and Env, you are dropped into the game and taken on a stylistic journey throughout it.

The puzzles begin as fairly simple, but you quickly learn to adapt to the increasingly complicated physics of balancing the various shapes and laterally solving the problems presented to you. This coupled with a soundscape that is incredibly pleasing makes for a peaceful and gently challenging experience for the player.

Where the game shines though is in its inclusiveness. Featuring a rare type of crossplay coupled with a myriad language settings, Dreii’s mission statement is bringing people together, almost to the same level as Journey. The best way to experience the game is through crossplay, but you can have a great time soloing the game, too.

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