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Geek Pride Guide To Summer Sales #2: Full Steam Ahead

by on 24/06/2016


As the street hawkers and market vendors of the Gog sale close down shop and box up their bargains for another year, we barely have time to click ‘install’ before our wallets are once again attacked by someone trying to flog us cheap games. This time it’s the always excellent Steam, whose Summer event is greeted with both anticipation and delight in equal measure by those of us with meager income and poor impulse control.

This time around sees them once again foregoing the drip-fed offers appearing every day or so and just having all their discounts running at the same time with different games earning the front page over the sale’s course. No sign of the usual sale-themed mini-game though, possibly due to the fact that, although always interesting, they more often than not end up being a frustratingly unplayable shitshow.

So what’s Steam, then?

Welcome back to society. I hope that those years spent living in a cave for science will yield interesting results for the benefit of humanity. Steam is platform produced by Half-Life 3 deniers Valve Corporation through which you can purchase many, many games and then only ever play two of them. Unlike someone like, Steam focuses on providing the most up-to-date games and mods along with a thriving community offering support, tips and top-notch banter.

So what can I expect from the sale, me old mucker?

Steam is rocking all the mod cons and some fairly hefty discounts on some of the biggest titles out there at the moment, including DOOM, Fallout 4 and The Witcher III, all with around 40-50% chopped off. Dig a little deeper and you can grab some bigger savings with 75% off both the brilliant Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor and the chillingly atmospheric Alien: Isolation.


Take a mooch over to their site if you’ve not already given the client a home on your hard drive to check out the rest of the 12,854 titles in the sale, just try and remember you still have to pay rent this month. And buy food.

The Steam Sale lasts until the 4th July 10am PDT