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LEGO: Marvel Superheroes (Xbox)

by on 15/11/2013

Warner Bros.


Xbox, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita, 3DS, WiiU


Brick smashing, lego Hulk awesomeness


May be slightly repetitive for some people

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Lego Marvel Super Hero’s is the newest release in the long line of Lego games; titles including: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Batman and Lord of the Rings. Being a big fan of the Marvel Universe and Lego in general, you can imagine how excited I was when this little beauty dropped through my door and from the initial opening sequence of the game I knew I was not going to be disappointed.

The first level puts you in control of Iron Man and The Hulk (let the brick smashing carnage begin!). And so I got my green on and pulverised the living daylights out of bricks and the attacking sand creatures dispatched by the Sand Man…. HULK SMASH! Then it was Iron Mans turn, and to my surprise the millionaire playboy was nearly as good to control. I couldn’t stop flying around and launching attacks at those troublesome sand Creatures….yeah… I’m Iron Man.

After getting through the area I was greeted by Abomination, triggering a brutal action sequence between him and the Hulk which resulted in both figures punching each other in the face repeatedly until the Hulk, naturally, prevailed.

For those who are not aware, the creators have added a new kind of Lego character to the game, these are the big figures and come in the form of The Hulk, Abomination, The Juggernaut, Colossus, Rhino, Venom, and many others. All of whom are absolutely brutal and are handy against multiple enemies.

On top of the aforementioned the selection of characters in LMSH is huge, spanning from Iron man and Wolverine to Squirrel girl and….  Howard… the …duck? and even the most adult of superheroes have been included in the action; The Punisher and Blade being two good examples of this, minus the graphic themes they are both know for of course.

As the storyline goes, if you are a Marvel fan, you wont disappointed, with missions taking place around recognisable locations in their universe, including: the Daily Bugle, Stark Tower, Asgaurd, Dr Doom’s Castle, the fantastic four tower, the S.H.E.I.L.D Helicarrier and the awesome gem that is the X Mansion! TT Games have made sure we Marvel fan boys are suitable gorged in Marvel references.

LMSH has also delivered on some excellent voice acting and comedic banter between the characters, with some of the best (in my humble opinion) being between The Hulk, Iron Man and Wolverine “Hulk smashes smelly sideburn man!”. Also the encounters with villains are also really amusing, and are just how you would imagine them to be, but (naturally) with a Lego twist.

The graphics are, as you would expect in a Lego games, colourful and polished; the universe has been animated with absolute care and consideration to represent both Marvel and Lego; and the game play (tried and tested in previous titles) is as solid as it has always been: break things made of bricks, then make things using bricks. Nothing new really but why fix something that isn’t broken..HULK…SMASH!

Granted, the repetitive nature of most lego games might not be for everyone but the sheer scale, coupled with the trade mark funny quips and a proverbial treasure trove of Easter Eggs ( or should that be a proverbial basket?) just keeps you glued to the screen and after 10 hours of play, I’m yet to get bored.

Some of my favourite moments so far have been the small appearances of Deadpool, mini games with Gambit and the ‘STAN LEE IN PERIL!’ Moments, in which you can rescue him from hazardous situations. My last Jaunt around the city was absolutely fantastic, I selected Venom and Carnage then proceeded to terrorise the mini figure population of New York City and at one point came across a high lighted area, where to my surprise I was confronted by a huge 90’s sentinel from X- Men, complete with its signature phrases and attacks…….mega!

 Over all this Lego Marvel Heroes is a worthy entry to the Lego series. The game play is as solid as ever, the sheer scale is gobsmacking, it’s funny, in-depth and I honestly can’t fault it.

Buy this game or else I’ll get angry.. and you wouldn’t want to see me when I’m angry….GEARSDEN SMASH!