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PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 receives new trailer and gameplay footage

by on 18/02/2014


Have you ever wanted to slide-tackle a zombie as a virtual Rupert Penry-Jones or watch Micky Flanagan punch a squirrel outside an East End Pie and Mash shop? Well sadly The Order: 1886 doesn’t feature those things, however it does look to be one of the most interesting new IP’s to launch this year.

Developed by Sony first-party studio Ready At Dawn, The Order takes place in an alternative vision of Victorian Jolly Old where a secret society are assigned to protect the human population from a race of powerful half bred monsters that emerged in the eighth century.

With Obvious influence from games such as Gears of War and The Last of Us, third-person cover shooting and survival horror are combined with some tidy-looking visuals to create the most promising Steampunk title since Dishonored.

More details on The Order are expected at E3 and Gamescom but until then Sony have released a new trailer and some gameplay footage to start the hype-train moving. The trailer unfortunately isn’t especially exciting but the gameplay video is definitely be worth checking out. The Order: 1886 is due for release in the autumn.