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Sleeping Dogs Review (PS3) – 7GPPs

by on 17/09/2012
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Although you only really need 2 moves while fighting, it’s a lot more fun to try and mix your attacks up. Train Wei up a bit and you can break your opponents leg ,making any enemies in close proximity wince, which leaves them a perfect target to do exactly the same thing to them! Then there’s the fact that most fights are in an interactive environment, you can drag your opponents to a payphone and beat them unconscious with the receiver; you can throw them onto a case of frozen sword-fish, whose noses will stab and kill them; or you can go for the old favourite of throwing them into a fuse box and watching them be electrocuted. All of this adds variation to the combat system and mean you don’t have to do the same attacks all the time.Note, that if you’re ever a bit unsure before going into a fight there are plenty of food vendors around the city, prepared to sell you Pork Buns, Chicken on a Stick, Noodles or a variety of other goodies that will give you temporary boosts of your fighting abilities.Another thing that sets SD aside from GTA is that there are sections where you need to do a bit of free-running in a parkour style, including sliding over boxes, scaling up walls and vaulting over obstacles. If you miss time your button press you’ll still do the parkour action but sloppily and if it’s a timed mission you ‘may’ fail. Saying this even if you do mess up, nine times out of ten, you don’t fail the mission, you just do it a bit slower and there’s no detrimental effect to the story; it just continues on.With the above in mind though, SD is definitely not a bad game at all, in fact I’d say it’s very, very good one. I guess it’s a fine line between making your game too easy or too hard, look at the Devil May Cry games, ( more than 1 joypad was broken playing those), or Duke Nukem Forever, one of the worst games I’ve ever played, simply because it was just too easy to play; sleeping Dogs seems to have found the line. Yes it is on the easy side, but not so much that you don’t want to play it. I mean when I was allowed the TV (for some reason my Vita didn’t like remote playing Sleeping Dogs), the game was constantly on and even after I’d finished the main story, I still came back to sweep up the remaining achievements; it was that engrossing.I think where the game excels itself most though is the storyline. There was a point in it that actually had an Aeris moment and had to pause and ask what in the blue hell I’d just witnessed?! Not as dramatic of course, but nothings ever beats Final Fantasy 7 in getting me shouting at the TV because of what I just saw. There are some characters that just flit in and out of Wei’s life, in particular the characters that Wei ‘dates’, like a stereotypical gaming male character, who goes on one date, has his way, gets an upgrade to his game, and leaves them, (This does mean that Emma Stone’s character is hardly featured, and more Emma Stone is always good) but other than that gripe, it keeps you going and has that ‘just 5 more minutes’ factor that is a must in gaming.

Overall, I’d say Sleeping Dogs is well worth picking up, whilst you’re not going to get a hard challenge to play, you’re going to get a fun one; hell this is a game that has an achievement for killing an opponent with a fish, that alone would have got it a decent score straight away.

Its maybe not £45 good, which is sadly what I paid, but I’d foresee it going down in price in the near future and there’ll probably be a few pre-owned flying about soon, maybe for a little bit less.
Definitely worth a play.