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The Avengers: Bringing Online Gaming into the Mainstream

by on 13/11/2014


While it is no secret that the Marvel comic strip has inspired some of the finest movies and console games of the last decade, the upcoming Avengers film may yet surpass all that has gone before it. With trailers now being released online and the film itself due to hit the cinemas in May 2015, this highly anticipated sequel is likely to generate millions of dollars in revenue and further blur the boundaries between the comic book world and the mainstream. This is hardly required, as many of the most renowned Marvel characters have already made a successful transition from print to the movie world.

Comic books characters are becoming particularly popular in the virtual world, as iconic warriors and thrilling narratives play out extremely well in a gaming environment. This has embodied in several games, such as the X-Men franchise on the PlayStation 3 and the Arkam Asylum title that successfully brought Batman to life in 2009.  While Lara Croft did emerge from the pages of a comic book, her character was developed in a similar way before she starred in the record-breaking Tomb Raider franchise that is set to release its latest video game instalment in 2015.

The popularisation of comic book characters has now stretched beyond console platforms and reached the online gaming environment. This also applies to the Avenger franchise, as online casinos have sought to capitalise on the recent publicity to create a series of themed games and experiences. So while you wait for the new movie, play The Avengers slot game at Paddy Power and enjoy an interactive gambling experience. There are a host of similarly themed slot and casino games available through the majority of online and mobile platforms, meaning that numerous comic book heroes have also made their debuts in the virtual world.

This trend is likely to continue, especially in an age where complex and well-developed characters are increasingly prominent in video games.