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The WingLights Strikes Back

by on 12/09/2018

As much as we at Geek Pride like comics and Sci-Fi, we are also really into our gadgets.  If we can help save the environment at the same time, then all the better.  Thus, when WingLights, a technological solution to the number of bicycle accidents at junctions landed on our desks, we could not help but take an interest.

Three years ago, the company CYCL launched on Kickstarter, introducing WingLights; direction indicators for bicycles.  Three years later, with WingLights having made 50,000 bikes safer, CYCL are back with their next idea – WingLights 360.

Having released a first version of WingLights, turn indicators that flash with a single a tap, the six-strong team listened to requests of their backers.

CYCL have integrated a permanent white/red side light function in their bicycle indicators. All cyclists need to do is snap the WingLights 360 on the ends of the bike’s handlebars and switch on: one tap for flashing indicators, continuous hold for steady side lights. Positioned on the most protruding part of the bike, the WingLights therefore highlight the cyclist’s width.

Given that 25% of accidents are caused by drivers’ failure to judge cyclists’ paths, WingLights 360 remedy this by allowing cyclists to clearly indicate their direction of movement, in addition to initial hand signals.

Using a CNC aluminum construct, WingLights 360 are both shockproof and waterproof. They magnetically attach to handlebar ends and can be reduced in size to that of a keyring for safekeeping.  They are also USB rechargeable, providing three hours of continuous use after only 30 minutes of charging.

With the number of commuters increasing, this provides an elegant solution to the risks the increasing number of cyclists are exposed to, thereby hopefully encouraging more people to cycle and not to rely on their cars.

WingLights 360 are currently on Kickstarter and can be backed here.

Now, I am off on my bike!